Above Meadowland   Oil on canvas 30x50cm

Peregrine Falcon_Nik Chinook
Above  Peregrine Falcon    Ink & Watercolour 40x30cm
Top left  Crow-Clatter  Oil on canvas  30cm x 30cm
Left  Birnbeck Towers    Oil on panel 30cm x 75cm
Below  Moths  Oil on canvas  30cm x 30cm

I Studied Fine Art in Birmingham UK and I now live and work in Devon
My work is in private collections around the world and in the UK National Collection

I explore natural and (sub)urban locations, both architectural and industrial, creating art in oils and acrylics and drawings in ink. I employ both gestural execution as well as rigourous engineering and perspective drawing techniques.

I am inspired and influenced by Franz Kline, Cy Twombley, Japanese and Chinese Ink painters such as Pan Tianshu and Qin Feng. I'm also fascinated by magical realism, suburban myths and the works of Paula Rego and Edward Hopper.

Below  Koi passing   Ink  20x45cm
Koi carp ink painting by Nik Chinook
Fallingwater Acrylic and Oil on panel
Left  Fallingwater in situ
Below left
Kite flying Oil on canvas
Below right
Dungeness: Rusted Caterpillar
Ink, watercolour on Paper 25 x 29cm
Plantlife - Nik Chinook
Above and below    Nine Bridges  Ink on paper 29x42cm
Top  Harbourside   Ink on paper 15x28cm
Above  Fallingwater  Ink on paper 15x28cm
Star Ferry Hong Kong  Oil on canvas 60cm x 80cm

Star Ferry Hong Kong on situ

Woodland Edge  Ink and Watercolour 20cm x 45cm
Nik Chinook - Woodland edge