Above Woodland Edge   Ink and Watercolour 20x45cm

Peregrine Falcon_Nik Chinook
Above left  Birnbeck Towers    Oil on panel 30cm x 75cm
Left  Kingfisher   Ink and Acrylic  40cm x 25cm
Peregrine Falcon    Ink & Watercolour 40x30cm

I explore natural and man-made locations creating art from their complex silhouttes in ink and paint using both gestural execution as well as rigourous engineering and perspective drawing techniques.

I am inspired and influenced by Franz Kline, Cy Twombley as well as Japanese and Chinese Ink painters such as Pan Tianshu and Qin Feng.

I Studied Fine Art in Birmingham UK. I now live in Devon
My work is in private collections around the world and in the UK National Collection

Below  Headland   Ink and Watercolour 20x45cm
Plantlife - Nik Chinook
Planetarium on decaying pier
Ink, watercolour on Paper 28 x 29cm


Ink & Watercolour on paper 40x25cm
Above and below
Nine Bridges  Ink on paper 29x42cm
Top: Harbourside   Ink on paper 15x28cm
Above: Falling Water Ink on paper 15x28cm
Nik Chinook - Work Table