A Little about me...
As a child I was surrounded by architectural and engineering design as well as Artists.
I was a finalist at the National Portrait Awards when I was still a Fine Art student and went on to work in multimedia for many high-tech organisations and comms companies while still creating Art. These genre-jumping experiences have led me to create work that encompasses digital world, popular culture and Fine Art.

I write and paint stories as story telling is an intrinsic part of my visual language whether the story actually gets written down or simply forms the backdrop for the piece or becomes the 'flash fiction' paragraph on instagram.

Whether working on an iPad or on a 12 foot canvas I revel in the tension between the history and vision of Fine Art and the irritant in it's eye which is the tsunami of 21st century visual communications.
Basically, I can't stop making stuff.  Please contact me on the form below or stalk me on instagram.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about current or past projects, purchases or commissions.


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