Above Birnbeck Pier  Ink and Oil on canvas 100x180cm
Big Pier painting by Nik Chinook
Above  Platform III  Ink on paper  38cm x 21cm
Right End of the Pier  Ink on paper  21cm x 13cm

I paint many industrial, marine and urban spaces and architectural structures. I am endlessly fascinated by the complex silhouttes, negative spaces, shadows, textures and aerial perspectives with which these forms encompass and define space

In addition to these qualities, their history and their patina of age add a further layer of meaning to my experience and my artwork

Above  Birnbeck Capriccio  Ink on paper  21cm x 21cm
Above  Rust and Dust  Ink on paper  21cm x 13cm
Planetarium on decaying pier : Ink and watercolour on Paper 28 x 29cm
Crane & Lake: Ink and watercolour on Paper 21 x 13cm
Monument : Ink on Paper 44 x 20cm
Ink on paper  18cm x 24cm